Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Introduction to SQL Tuning
  3. SQL Performance Methodology
  4. Optimizer Fundamentals
  5. SQL Processing
  6. Query Optimizer Concepts
  7. Optimizer Components
  8. Query Transformations
  9. Query Execution Plans
  10. EXPLAIN PLAN statement
  11. Explaining a Statement
  12. Generating and Displaying Execution Plans
  13. Interpreting Execution Plans
  14. Comparing Execution Plans
  15. SQL Operators - Access Paths and Joins
  16. Table Access - FTS, Table Access by ROWID
  17. Index Scans - Index Unique Scans, Index Range Scans, Index Full Scans, Index Fast Full Scan, Index Skip Scans
  18. Joins - Nested Loops, Hash Joins, Sort-Merge Joins
  19. Optimizer Statistics
  20. Gathering and Managing Optimizer Statistics
  21. Histograms
  22. Optimizer Controls
  23. Influencing the Optimizer
  24. Using Hints
  25. Cursor Sharing
  26. Bind Peeking and Adaptive Cursor Sharing
  27. Monitoring Database Operations - Simple and Composite Database Operations
  28. Performing Application Tracing
  29. Using SQL Trace and TKPROF
  30. Automatic SQL Tuning
  31. Managing SQL Tuning Sets
  32. SQL Tuning Advisor
  33. SQL Access Advisor
  34. SQL Management Objects
  35. Managing SQL Profiles
  36. SQL Plan Management
  37. SQL Plan Baselines

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